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Salivary Bioscience News

The First Commercial Salivary Uric Acid Assay Kit is Now Available from Salimetrics

Uric Acid in Saliva

(June 11, 2015)

Salivary Bioscience Innovation: Salimetrics, the leader in innovative salivary bioscience technology, announced the launch of a newly developed and validated enzymatic assay kit for the measurement of uric acid in saliva. Available June 15th, 2015, researchers can experience the convenience of noninvasive biomarker assessment to quantitatively determine uric acid levels.

Salimetrics has addressed the growing need for a reliable and efficient method to specifically measure uric acid levels in the body with a highly anticipated Salimetrics Salivary Uric Acid Enzymatic Assay Kit. The Salivary Salimetrics Uric Acid Enzymatic Assay Kit provides researchers an accurate method to determine Salivary Uric Acid (sUA) concentrations in saliva biospecimens in association with oxidative stress, metabolic syndrome, hyperuricemia, gout, kidney disease and other related health issues. This assay kit has been designed and fully validated to consistently provide accurate and precise uric acid concentrations in saliva samples. Utilizing only a 10 µL saliva sample per test, the Salimetrics sensitive Uric Acid Assay has an analytical detection limit of 0.07 mg/dL salivary uric acid. Unlike other uric acid assays, Salimetrics assay technology is uniquely designed for the complex biological nature of saliva, yet still features the common convenience of a standard 96-well assay format and is high through put ready. “As with all Salimetrics assays, our goal is to present a better, more efficient, yet robust option for researchers conducting studies in academia, biotech, pharma and the clinical setting,” says Steve Granger, PhD, Salimetrics CSO.

The Salimetrics Uric Acid Assay utilizes a reaction mixture that enables the detection of sUA by the enzymatic production of a chromagen which is detected using a plate reader at a wavelength of 520 nm. The amount of sUA in the sample is directly proportional to the increase in absorbance at this wavelength. Standards and controls are provided.

Several studies have reported that a linear relationship exists between serum and salivary uric acid levels and salivary uric acid may be a useful biomarker for monitoring disorders such as metabolic syndrome that may help mitigate cardiometabolic risk. Similar to other biomarkers that can be measured in saliva, uric acid diffuses readily into saliva where it can be conveniently measured without the pain and inconvenience of drawing blood and generally affords increased participant retention over the course of a project. The same saliva samples can also be used to measure other biomarkers to identify multi-level, multi-system influences on the body. “This assay is unique to the life-science industry in general, because it is the first of its kind to allow investigators to explore uric acid levels in saliva to further expand the current knowledge–base of uric acid’s effects on overall health and well-being” says Granger.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies conducting pre-clinical studies and clinical trials are also investigating the use of salivary uric acid for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect circulating levels of uric acid. Other studies have identified that many genetic elements and acquired risk factors influence uric acid levels. Once imbalanced, abnormal uric acid concentrations in the blood can dramatically affect human health conditions. Research published on uric acid levels and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality also show strong associations. These associations were especially significant between persons with high cardiovascular risk, as well as those with hypertension, diabetes and congestion heart failure. Now, new salivary research channels can be used to explore metabolic syndrome, gout, hypertension, hyperuricemia, renal disease, diabetes, oxidative stress, and other associated diseases.

Key Features of the new Salimetrics Salivary Uric Acid Enzymatic Assay Kit:

  • Easy
  • Highly accurate (low CV%)
  • High analytical sensitivity (0.07 mg/dL)
  • High throughput ready (96-well format)
  • Low interference in biological samples (optimized for saliva)
  • Most biological samples fall within linear range
  • Samples need no pretreatment or dilution
  • Sample requirements are small (10 uL saliva)
  • No blood draw or urine required

Achieve results you can trust by visiting Salimetrics’ website, or by contacting a Salimetrics representative.

About Salimetrics:

Founded in 1998, Salimetrics, LLC supports researchers, the immunodiagnostic industry and functional testing laboratories around the world with innovative salivary immunoassay products and services. Salimetrics’ collection techniques, assay kits and CLIA-certified testing services are used to measure biomarkers related to stress, behavior and development, inflammation, sleep, reproduction, health and immune function, including: alpha-amylase, androstenedione, blood contamination, chromogranin A, cortisol, cotinine, C-reactive protein, DHEA, DHEA-S, estradiol, estriol, estrone, IL-1b, IL-6, melatonin, NGF, progesterone, 17α-hydroxyprogesterone, secretory IgA, testosterone, and TNF-a. Salimetrics also provides salivary DNA analysis. The company is based in State College, Pennsylvania and Carlsbad, California, with offices in the UK and distributors around the world. For more information, visit Salimetrics on the web at

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*Note: Salimetrics provides this information for research use only (RUO). Information is not provided to promote off-label use of medical devices. Please consult the full-text article.

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