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Saliva Collection Training Videos

Oral Mucosal Transudate Sample Collection

How to collect OMT Enriched Oral Fluid samples with the Saliva Collection Aid – OMT.

Ready to provide an OMT enriched oral fluid sample the easy way? In this video, Marci from Salimetrics explains how to easily collect an enriched oral fluid sample using SalivaBio’s Saliva Collection Aid – OMT (SCA-OMT) device.

Saliva Collection Step-by-Step Outline:

  1. Open the package and remove the Saliva Collection Aid – OMT (SCA-OMT) by the handle.
  2. Firmly holding the handle, rub the swab end of the SCA-OMT device along the top and bottom outer gumline and gums, reaching as far back as possible for 2 minutes.
  3. Immediately after collection, remove the cap from the Sample Collection Tube and place the swab end of the SCA-OMT into the Carrier Tube until it stops. Slowly rotate the Handle clockwise while pressing into the carrier tube; the holder will lock in place.  Then, unscrew the Handle by turning it in a counterclockwise direction until the Handle is released from the holder.
  4. Cap the Carrier Tube with the swab inside
  5. Store the Sample Collection Tube according to your recommended protocol.

Saliva Collection Aid – OMT Cautions:

  1. Use only as directed; Use each Saliva Collection Aid-OMT only once.
  2. Do not use this device for children under the age of three (3) without adult supervision/assistance.

Please refer to the complete Protocol Instructions provided for additional details and recommendations.

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