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Saliva Collection for DNA Analysis

Approved Collection Methods

SalivaBio Oral and Children’s Swabs

Passive Drool

Special Considerations and Sample Volume

SalivaBio Oral Swabs (SOS) are preferred for DNA analysis, but passive drool and other Salimetrics collection devices can also yield high quality results.

Do not touch the swab or brushes with your fingers to avoid contaminating the DNA sample.

Sample Collection Volume

  • Recommended Collection Volume: 500 µl*
  • Use a collection device that has been validated for DNA analysis.
  • Follow your selected sample collection device/method protocol.

*Be sure to add the recommended volume of additional analytes when testing more than one analyte with your genetic analysis.

Storing Saliva for DNA Analysis

DNA can tolerate storage at room temperature for up to 5 days without compromising the quality of the DNA for genetic testing. Freezing will further stabilize DNA for analysis. DNA also withstands multiple freeze-thaw cycles without a significant effect on the DNA quality.

DO NOT use a device containing or add DNA stabilizers that may interfere with Salimetrics assays, if samples are to be tested for analytes in addition to DNA analysis. As a default, follow storage instructions for the most sensitive analyte (i.e., the hormone or biomarker) of interest. For genetic analysis alone and when long-term room-temperature storage is necessary, the Oragene•DNA® self-collection kit (OG-500) may be used.

Avoiding Contamination of Samples

To prevent contamination of saliva samples for DNA analysis, we recommend the following precautions in addition to those recommended for immunoassay testing collection:

  1. Employ only single-use materials (disposable forceps, etc.) for sample collection/transfer to prevent possible contamination between research subjects.
  2. Those researchers assisting with collections should wear gloves and avoid touching collection device materials

and samples.

* If collecting samples for genotyping alone, we recommend collecting a second saliva sample as a backup.

® Oragene is a registered trademark of DNA Genotek Inc.

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