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Saliva Collection Methods & Devices


Collect Right with the Saliva Collection eBook

Learn the proper techniques and methods for saliva collection, handling, storage, and shipping with this step-by-step guide. If you are collecting saliva for biomarker or analyte analysis, we have developed this guide to provide you better results with your salivary testing.


Adults, Children 6+ Children < 6 Years Children < 6 Months Animals
Passive Drool *
Oral Swab
Children's Swab
Infant's Swab
*Note: Some children < 6 are capable of providing passive drool samples under supervision

Collection Methods Approved By Analyte

*Add 300 µl to the total volume of all tests for liquid handling
= No = Yes
Analyte Passive Drool SalivaBio Swabs Optimum Collection Volume
Salivary 17 Alpha-OHP 125 μL*
Salivary Aldosterone 175 μL*
Salivary Alpha-Amylase 25 μL*
Salivary Androstenedione 125 μL*
Salivary C-Reactive Protein 225 μL*
Salivary Cortisol 75 uL
Salivary Cotinine 75 µL*
Salivary DHEA 125 μL*
Salivary DHEA-S 225 μL*
Salivary DNA Analysis 0.5 mL
Salivary Estradiol 225 μL*
Salivary Estriol 175 μL*
Salivary Estrone 255 μL*
Salivary IgG 50 μL*
Salivary IgM 50 μL*
Salivary Insulin 100 μL
Salivary Interferon Gamma 100 μL
Salivary Interleukin-1 Beta 50 μL*
Salivary Interleukin-10 100 μL
Salivary Interleukin-12p70 100 μL
Salivary Interleukin-13 100 μL
Salivary ​Interleukin-17A 100 μL
Salivary ​Interleukin-2 100 μL
Salivary ​Interleukin-5 100 μL
Salivary Interleukin-6 135 μL
Salivary ​Interleukin-7 100 μL
Salivary Interleukin-8 100 μL
Salivary Melatonin 225 μL*
Salivary Osteocalcin 150 μL
Salivary Oxytocin 150 μL
Salivary Progesterone 125 μL*
Salivary SARS-CoV-2 (N) IgG 200 μL
Salivary SIgA 50 μL*
Salivary Testosterone 75 μL*
Salivary TNF-Alpha 425 μL*
Salivary Total Protein 75 μL*
Salivary Transferrin 75 μL*
Salivary Uric Acid 25 μL*
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